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Sour Sandia Live Resin Sauce (0.5g) – Bloomfield

THC: 73.72%CBD: 0.19%

Sour Sandia, a delicious and heavy hitting indica dominant hybrid with a flavor profile of sweet watermelon and sour diessel. We can’t tell you exactly how this strain will make you feel – everyone’s body chemistry is different, and your experience will be as unique as you are – but Amy claims that any movie she watches is better with Sour Sandia by her side.

Moxie’s Sauce is made from exclusively top-shelf, indoor marijuana flowers that are frozen immediately upon harvest, never dried or cured. The high terpene, full spectrum extract is then allowed to naturally mature for up to two months as the cannabinoids crystallize on the bottom into THC-a diamonds and a tasty layer of viscous terpenes rise to the top. Moxie’s Sauce is a favorite of craft cannabis connoisseurs for its ‘best of both worlds’ balance of flavor and potency.


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Pure CA, LLC
Brand Name
73.72 %
0.19 %

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