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Sour Sandia Live Resin Badder (0.5g) – Bloomfield

THC: 75.84%CBD: 0.14%

Sour Sandia, a delicious and heavy hitting indica dominant hybrid with a flavor profile of sweet watermelon and sour diessel. We can’t tell you exactly how this strain will make you feel – everyone’s body chemistry is different, and your experience will be as unique as you are – but Amy claims that any movie she watches is better with Sour Sandia by her side.

Moxie’s Badder is made from exclusively top-shelf, indoor marijuana flowers that are frozen immediately upon harvest, never dried or cured. The extract is then hand-whipped into a cake batter-like consistency, resulting in a high terpene, full spectrum extract that is similar in color and texture to grass-fed butter. Soft and saturated, it’s a favorite of many dabbers for its powerful effect and delicious terpene-rich flavor.


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Pure CA, LLC
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75.84 %
0.14 %

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