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Every self-respecting cannabis lover is familiar with the biggest weed holiday of the year, 420 (four-twenty). But this isn’t the only day dedicated to celebrating cannabis’ many forms. There’s a newer marijuana jubilee catching fire worldwide for those who enjoy a quicker, stronger high–710 Day. 


What Is 710 Day?


July 10th, also known as Dab Day and International Oil Day, is called 7/10 Day because the numbers “710” spell the word “OIL” upside down, just like calculator spelling as a kid. “Oil” refers to cannabis concentrates like shatter, badder, and the vape oil found in carts and dart pods. 


Yet despite being around for eight years, 710 Day’s origins remain unclear as there’s virtually no info about it. Some claim the July holiday was popularized by the Errl Cup, an annual cannabis festival held in Arizona on 7/10; others believe cannabis entrepreneur/rapper Taskrok thought up the idea of dabbing at 7:10 since 4:20 grew stale.    


One thing is clear: concentrates are gaining popularity across the country. On Dab Day 2018, concentrates sales increased by 28% across Alaska, California, Colorado and Oregon. In 2019, concentrates, along with flower, comprised almost 70% of California’s total legal marijuana sales


Even if you can’t attend the Errl Cup or dab at 7:10, celebrate 710 Day by learning cannabis concentrates 101: different types, how they’re made, how to dab them, and where to stock up on Moxie’s award-winning live resin sauces, live resin badders and buckets for the year’s second cannabis holiday. 


What Are Concentrates? 


Like essential oils, cannabis concentrates are distilled versions of marijuana. They offer all the flavor of flower with the extra benefit of simple dosing and condensed potency. Plus, they can be made from any strain, in several distinct forms, and still retain their unique aromas and flavors.


Most are made using a closed-loop system; cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from cannabis plants using a solvent like CO2, butane or alcohol. Others such as rosin, hash and badder are created using solventless techniques. As their name suggests, concentrates contain more THC and CBD ounce-for-ounce. They have 70-90% THC, more than four times as potent as flower’s 15-25% THC


How Cannabis Concentrates Are Made


Legal marijuana extracts are made using pharmaceutical-grade technology and strict safety standards. A light hydrocarbon process extracts the plants’ oleoresin, which contains cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN), terpenes, and plant lipids. After the extraction process, the concentrates are degassed using a vacuum pump, removing any leftover solvents to ensure the final product provides the best high and flavor.


Moxie makes live resin concentrates that do not contain additives or fillers. We produce our extracts using a laboratory-grade three-step process: 1) we harvest the cannabis plants from our growing facility; 2) next, we shuck the colas then immediately preserve them in vacuum-sealed bags, label, and flash-freeze; 3) finally, we weigh and transfer them to stainless steel columns for processing. 


Types of Cannabis Concentrates


Concentrates come in a wide variety of consistencies thanks to different processing techniques. Popular concentrates to dab on 710 Day include: 


Shatter: brittle, yellow, or amber with the consistency of glass or hard candy. Break up pieces into a dab rig’s nail or use a versatile vape/pod/dab pen like an EVRI. Shatter first became popular when D. Gold published a recipe for this candy-like concentrate in Cannabis Alcmehy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking


Badder: maintains a consistency similar to cake batter, making it easily pliable, and can have a brighter yellow color than sauce. Like Shatter, badder is made using liquid petroleum gases (LPG) such as butane and propane. The change in consistency from shatter to badder occurs after resting on a hot plate then baking in a vacuum oven. 


Sauce: more of a caramel-like texture with crystallized THC and a thick layer of tasty terpenes. They tend to be more flavorful than badder and have a less uniform texture than shatter.


Crumble: also known as honeycomb wax, it’s extracted using a solvent then whipped to create a crumbly, fall-apart texture. Crumble is the driest of all concentrates so you can sprinkle it on joints, blunts or bowls.


Rosin: created when cannabis buds are heated and compressed to form a sticky, opaque substance. It uses the entire cannabis bud and isn’t made with solvents so you can even make it at home. Rosin can be confused with resin, which is usually made with butane hash oil (BHO).


Distillate: perhaps the most versatile cannabis oil, distillate is a clear or honey-colored liquid extract you can smoke, vape or use to make edibles. Unlike other concentrates, distillate doesn’t require heat activation and usually lacks cannabis’ taste and smell.


Ways to Dab Concentrates


From simple setups to cutting edge technology, there are several ways to dab. We enjoy these three. 


Dab Rig

These multi-piece devices are the best choice for experienced users. Since cannabis concentrates are much more potent than flower, you only need a small amount. In addition to superior strength, dab rigs require preparation and accessories like a torch, carb cap and dab tools. Some rigs take fire out of the equation with an eclectic nail, but this is best left for the pros. 


Puffco Peak

This sleek take on a dab rig offers a more portable experience. In just 20 seconds, the Puffco heats up to one of four adjustable settings depending on your dab’s size. Each two-hour charge supplies enough power for 30 dabs, a lot for any experienced user. In addition to being portable, the Puffco Peak offers a “sesh mode” which maintains heat, allowing you to dab with friends and not worry about cooling.


EVRI by Dip Devices

Need to dab on the go? More portable and convenient than the others, this 3-in-1 dab and vape device combines the technology of a vaporizer with the functionality of a dab oil pen. Simply load the quartz crystal atomizer with your favorite concentrate right from the jar and take a hit.


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